Monday, May 31, 2010 

Memorial Day

Arlington West (Santa Barbara)
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Living La Vida Loca(vore!)

Here in Santa Barbara.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010 

Listen up 35th Assembly District voters

don't be fooled by those attack ads and phone calls you have been receiving. Das Williams has signed a "Clean Campaign" pledge. He is staying above the slimefest because he knows it's the right thing to respects the voters.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010 

Environmentalists support Das Williams...and so do I!

The California League of Conservation Voters supports Das Williams
“Das Williams has been a solid partner and champion for the environmental community in this state,” said David Allgood, Southern California Director of CLCV. “Our members were pleased to recognize Das’ record of working to protect the coastline and open space, restore vital wetlands, and promote local energy efficiency programs within Santa Barbara. We have no doubt that Das’ priorities, background and independent leadership will benefit this district and state should he be elected to the state assembly.” - Noozhawk
The Sierra Club supports Das Williams
"Das Williams is somebody with immense experience fighting for the best interest of Santa Barbara's and California's environment,” said Selma Rubin, member of the Los Padres chapter of the Sierra Club. “I can say with absolute certainty that his election to the California Assembly representing the 35th district will bring with it a new era of environmental stewardship.”

Rubin then added, “As we enter a new decade we must embrace change and policies that will solve our community's environmental challenges such as off-shore oil extraction, open space preservation and habitat restoration. Das Williams personifies our community's cherished traditions while also embracing new directions, out-of-the-box thinking, energy and enthusiasm to meet some of our toughest challenges.” - California Chronicle
And so do I.
Harry Truman's oft quoted statement "If you can't convince them, confuse them," came to mind as I visited my mailbox and unfurled a political attack ad sent out by Susan Jordan. In this ad, I read nothing about Ms. Jordan's thoughts on Alternative Energy opportunities nor even the fact that she is married to the current Assembly member, Pedro Nava. All I saw was an attempt to use a disaster for personal political gain and to slime her opponent, Das Williams, with falsehoods. She has not been able to convince her fellow Democrats that she is better qualified to take over her husband's seat, so she has taken the low road to confuse them. The Get Oil Out and Environmental Defense Center's negotiations with PXP provided that no new oil platforms would be built and that oil production from existing platforms would be shut down permanently off the coast of Santa Barbara. Shut down.

Das Williams knows that being a leader, environmentally or otherwise, is about more than being a "one-trick" pony. He has grappled with balancing budgets, finding ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into City operations, encouraging public transportation and alternative energy creation. He has worked diligently on ways to wean us off the "gooey" stuff and move us forward to a more fruitful future. Judging from Ms. Jordan's campaigning, she prefers the same type of wrongheaded rhetoric that has created the morass of non-movement in Sacramento.

We need something better. We need Das Williams in the Assembly.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010 

The Coast For A Night Contest

What would YOU do at Coast for an evening? Their inquiring minds want to know.
Coast Restaurant & Bar wants to know what YOU would do if you had Coast all to yourself for one, extraordinary evening! “What Would You Do at Coast For a Night?” is a contest the Canary Hotel is hosting through June 30th, where participants can describe what their ultimate evening or party plans for Coast would entail. Participants can send entries to One lucky winner will receive dinner for two at Coast!

Will you plan an extravagant dinner party for 100 guests? Maybe an intimate candlelight dinner for two is more your style? Perhaps your ideal night includes 10 of your closest friends sitting around the table enjoying a fabulous dinner and fine wine. Plan the ultimate soiree at Coast, and tell us about it!

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Chef Dave Martin is here in town

and enjoying it!

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Friday, May 21, 2010 

Das Williams has integrity. Das Williams has my vote.

Das Williams knows that by running a clean campaign, he honors and respects the voters, and their intelligence. Das signed a pledge to "keep it clean" and he is sticking to his word. While his opponent is sending out false hit pieces, trying to gin up fear and distrust, Das is showing his commitment to the voters of the 35th State Assembly District by continuing to run a positive campaign.

Keeping it positive.
Running on his merits.
Keeping his word.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 

Burger Bus celebrates it's 1 year anniversary

Stop by the Wheelhouse this Friday (5/21) for bikes, bouncies and bodacious burgers! It's a Burger Bus Birthday Bash!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010 

Can't believe it was one year ago this week

The Jesusita Fire.

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Sometimes Santa Barbara Resident Kevin Costner

is getting into the oil gushing cleanup action. No...really. Mr. Waterworld meets oilywaterworld.

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What next...$5.00?

Don't you think Subway would have something better to make edible food?

The Coney Island Drive Inn, a restaurant in Brooksville, Florida, has been selling 12-inch hot dogs -- the restaurant calls them "footlongs" -- for more than 40 years. Its Web site is

Last week, the restaurant got a letter from a lawyer representing Subway, which, as you may have heard, sells 12-inch sandwiches for five bucks.

After explaining that Subway "has applied for the trademark FOOTLONG (TM) in association with sandwiches," the letter says:

You are hereby put on notice to cease and desist from using FOOTLONG (TM) association with sandwiches. You must immediately remove all references to FOOTLONG (TM) in association with sandwiches.

(The full letter is online here.)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010 

Yet another Beef Recall. 53,000 lbs. of the stuff

Just a note.....There's been no one leading USDA's Food Safety & Inspection service since December 2008. The Republicans have been holding up the nominee process. Call your Senators and tell them to grow up and get someone into that haste.

Meanwhile....From the USDA...
Montclair Meat Co., Inc., a Montclair, Calif., establishment is recalling approximately 53,000 pounds of ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The products subject to recall include:
  • Various pound packages of "MONTCLAIR MEAT CO. GROUND BEEF"
  • Various pound packages of "MONTCLAIR MEAT CO. ALL BEEF PATTIES"

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The Unappetizing Truth

about McDonald's chicken meals.

A chicken squats in a shed the size of a football pitch somewhere in the outback of Brazil. And it's not alone.

One of tens of thousands, each bird is allowed the floor space equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper and will live for just 40 days before it hits its genetically-engineered slaughter weight. That's if it doesn't perish along the way.

Five per cent or so will be unable to cope with the conditions and die even before then.

Those that survive will be plucked and butchered in an industrial process the like of which this planet has never before seen.

Every year billions of chickens will live and die in this way. Of course, South America is a long way away. But your local McDonald's is not. And that is where a significant proportion of this intensively reared meat will eventually end up.

McDonalds McChicken Sandwich

McChicken Sandwich: Much of McDonalds' poultry comes from Brazil, where the animals live in cramped conditions

Of all the chicken churned out by the fast-food chain - the equivalent of 30 million birds a year - 60 per cent is imported frozen from Brazil. A further nine per cent comes from Thailand and 30 per cent from Holland- The Daily Mail

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Thursday, May 13, 2010 

Dave Martin (Almost Top Chef)

will be signing books and doing a cooking demo at the Santa Barbara Winery on May 22nd. If you haven't seen Dave, he is a hoot!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 

Forget the pesticides in your food

What in blazes is in your plates?
Lead is considered toxic and it's a key ingredient in millions of dinner plates, cereal bowls and other dishes we use every day. Federal regulators say, in most dishes, the lead poses no health risk, but some local health officials say the high amount of lead found in many dishes is "too risky" and shouldn't be permitted. When it comes to lead in your dishes, how much is too much – and how can you tell whether your plates contain dangerous levels of lead?

In one hand, Daniel Fries holds a colorful fruit bowl. In the other, a $30,000 XRF analyzer that will tell him how much lead is inside the dish.

He gently presses the analyzer against the bowl, pulls the trigger and, a few seconds later, the test is complete.

"Wow, that's a lot," said Fries, an environmental health specialist at the Marion County Health Department. "The inside of the bowl came back at ten percent lead. It's a shock to think there's that much lead in this, and it's something I wouldn't use anymore if it was mine." -

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 

Zia Cafe closing?

Zia Cafe
Originally uploaded by santa barbarian.

There is a HUGE "for lease" sign hanging from the second floor of the Zia Cafe. (I noticed while attending the Farmer's Market this afternoon...)

Another casualty of the "sucky" economy?

Where will I go for my sopapillas?

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Monday, May 10, 2010 

Country Meat Market

is now Tweeting!

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Happy Birthday Bono

Thank you for all the gifts of compassion you have given us.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010 


Originally uploaded by santa barbarian.

Strange, alien looking on the outside...but deliciously creamy on the inside. At the Farmer's markets...try one...or two!


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Thursday, May 06, 2010 

Remember those summer nights at the drive-in Santa Barbara, they're baaaaaaaaaack and opening up tomorrow!
After 19 years of disuse, the Santa Barbara Drive-In — located just minutes from campus — will burst back into life Friday night with the premier of “Iron Man 2.”

West Wind Theaters will reopen the drive-in at 907 South Kellogg Ave. in Goleta for the summer and, depending on how well the theater does, may choose to permanently reopen it. This weekend, the theater will show the highly anticipated sequel to “Iron Man” back-to-back, with the first screening scheduled to start at dusk. Employees expect that the 65-foot screen will entertain hundreds of moviegoers.

Starting Monday, the theater will start hosting double features. The first will be “How To Train Your Dragon” paired with “Iron Man”. - Daily Nexxus

A big ol' Barbarian welcome to West Wind Theatres!

(Thank you Mimi at Delectible Tidbits)

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The Strawberry Jam Session at Shepherd Farm

Originally uploaded by dulcelife.

Mark your calendars for a "berry" good time!

The Strawberry Jam Session
May 16th
10:00 a.m. - 2:oo p.m.

Pick berries at Tom Shepherd's organic farm in Carpinteria, then harvest produce from the farm for a picnic lunch, and make jam at the farm (with the help of Nancy Weiss' Mobile Café, a mobile kitchen that introduces local schoolchildren to fresh healthy foods.)

The cost is $65 per person, which includes strawberry picking, hands-on jam making instruction, and fresh picnic lunch. Everyone goes home with a jar of jam and printed recipe. Additional strawberries and organic produce will be available for purchase.

To reserve, please e-mail Laurence Hauben at: or call Laurence at (805)259-7229.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010 

One Year Ago Today

Jesusita Fire - Santa Barbara
Originally uploaded by james prola.

The Jesusita Fire began it's rampage.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Margarita Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Sweetness in Seattle.

Raise a Margarita Cupcake in celebration!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010 

It's Twitter for Food Day Today

Skip a meal and donate your savings to your local food bank (mine, the Santa Barbara Food Bank.) I challenge my fellow foodies and bloggy friends! Let's raise some moolah!

Hunger is here in every season, but summer brings some unique challenges. For millions of kids, the only decent meal they get is during school. Without that consistency while school is out, these kids go hungry. With people on vacation and out of town, food bank supplies run lower and donations are less because we all have summer plans on our minds and don't think of needs as much.

Here at #twitterforfood, we are approaching our 1 year anniversary of creating hunger events on Twitter. It's our hope that this summer we can really kick this up a notch and get the shelves of foodbanks more full through people every month simply skipping one meal and donating the savings to their local food bank. - Twitterforfood

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Saturday, May 01, 2010 

The Sun Finally Did Shine in Kentucky For Todd

Congrats to Todd Pletcher and his winning team Super Saver and Calvin (kiss the rail) Borel for winning the Kentucky (Roller)Derby

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