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Sunday, December 10, 2006 

I'll take home this Chef!

Chef Curtis Stone!

Hubba. Hubba. Whilest "surfing the channels" the other week, I stumbled upon "Take Home Chef" starring this scrumptious chef, El Guapisimo Senor Stone. What a dish!

The premise of the show is simple. Hunk (Chef Curtis) accompanied by a couterie of cameras accosts an unsuspecting person (generally a woman) in the local market. Said Hunk asks to be taken home to cook a fabulous meal for the unsuspecting person and their completely out of the loop "significant other". Hunk buys groceries for the "victim". Hunk travels in their car back to their house. Hunk whips up an amazing meal. Hunk saves the day. Hunk leaves the home and happy "victims" and gives great advice and link to the sublime recipes.

You know, Chef Curtis, I will take your advice from now on. I will "get dressed up to go to the market" because, as you say, "one never knows who you'll run into." I just hope it's you!

p.s. - Here are my local markets to make it easier for you to "find me!" Gelson's, Trader Jose's, The Local Farmer's Market, Lazy Acres, Ralph's

Some other places you can find Saucy Chef Curtis:

Take Home Chef on TLC
Curtisstoneonline.com (fansite)
The Official Curtis Stone Website (still "cooking")

You can buy his "Cooking with Curtis" at Jessica's Biscuit or "Surfing the Menu" cookbook at Amazon.com.uk

harumph. I bet he steals their silverware.

This is one cooking show my boyfriend will actually watch with me. :)

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