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Sunday, February 11, 2007 


One day, several years ago, my body decided it didn't want a lot of milk products. It decided to become somewhat intolerent of lactose. Seems that I am not alone. It is estimated that there are between 30 - 50 million Americans who are "intolerent." And, like many others, I switched to soy milk and other soy products to make up for alot of the dairy based products. (I really enjoy Tofutti and Soy Delicious. I'm addicted to Edamame...)

But soy isn't just for lactose intolerents, crunchy granola types, asian dishes, Spanish speakers or Grammy "streakers", anymore. Soy is "green" and "green is the new black."

"Soy is a fabric of the future. It actually has a very silky feel," Marci Zaroff (CNNMoney)
High fashion is going granola. But not the grunge of hippie yoga wear and grainy hemp T-shirts typically associated with organic clothes.

Think soft soy dresses, cropped organic terry jackets and slim-fit organic denim jeans to pair with stilettos, not flip-flops.

Consumers worried about ingesting harmful pesticides have long been purchasing organic foods. But the philosophy is slowly hitting mainstream clothing retailers as experts warn about the dangers pesticides pose to the environment. -LATimes
And soybean suits, surprisingly, have been around from some time. Henry Ford actually wore his own "brand."

Ford took to wearing a suit made of soybean protein fiber that he invented himself and called “soybean wool.” His Model “T” could run on ethanol, and he even built a car with plastic parts and upholstery of vegetable origin. - City Barbs
Places to find "edamame" wraps and such.....

Under the Canopy
Of the Earth
OQoQo (pronounced Oh Ko Ko)

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But how do they milk those little beans...?

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