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Monday, June 29, 2009 

What USED to be Java Jones

Java Jones Coffee Shop (r.i.p.)
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is looking like it is now what USED to be Hummingbird Cafe.

According to the signs posted..."Coming soon...FRENCH PRESS."

Let's hope the economy doesn't squeeze yet another business out of this spot.

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And before it was Java Jones it was Cafe Siena...and so it goes...

Gee. Hummingbird didn't last long. Maybe it's metabolism was too fast.

Wasn't it also serving as a space for the crafts sold by the erstwhile Arboleño Trading, whose owner was recently memorialized in an Indy obituary?

We sell microgreens to Christine, of Hummingbird, and she said they would be closed for a few weeks for renovations and did not mention going out of business. We will see...

Java Jones has had a "Rename our Cafe" contest for a few months. The winner receives free coffee for a year.

I assume this is just the result of the renaming contest.

Hiya, this is Amesia from Arcobaleno Trade...and, yes, we are still here. Joining us is the French Press another locally owned business dealing in ethically sourced goods (her's being coffee and treats!) July 14th is our Grand Opening. It's Bastille Day! Thanks Santa Barbara for supporting local business...

hi, it's julia from the French Press. Here is a little bit about my business, which, as amesia said, is coming soon on july 14!

Hello Santa Barbara, it is so nice to see you. We’ve spent the last 10 years becoming fanatical about coffee and espresso, about brewing it, about talking about it and definitely about drinking it! So here we are! The FRENCH PRESS! We are working quickly to create a space for all of us to explore the world of coffee - and espresso - in a format that is not now available in Santa Barbara. Using micro roasted coffees sourced fairly and with love, and exceptional brewing methods, such as french presses and vacuum pots (and our beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine that is on its way from Florence as we speak!), we will guarantee a unique and amazing experience every time.

We also love snacks and treats, and know how lovely a fresh baked cookie tastes in the afternoon. We are looking forward to providing Santa Barbara with a truly exceptional product in a beautiful setting! So come see us soon for a sandwich or salad, a cookie or a croissant, and a pot of tea or a macchiato. We can’t wait to meet you!

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