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Monday, June 22, 2009 

Beware the Chinese Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts, Spinach, Black Pepper and Kosher Salt
Originally uploaded by Daniel Eizans.

They can cause Pine Mouth. No joke.

They are a favourite with celebrity chefs and hailed as the latest healthy salad ingredient.

But a liberal sprinkling of pine nuts over your dinner could also leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Increasing numbers of people have reported that after eating pine nuts, typically as a snack or in a pesto sauce, they have developed a foul, metallic taste in their mouth lasting for up to two weeks, making practically all food and drink unpalatable.

The first reports of 'pine mouth', as it has been dubbed, began last winter in the U.S. from those who had eaten imported Chinese pine nuts.

Now pine mouth has spread to Britain, and shoppers across the country are experiencing the same disturbing symptoms.- The Daily Mail

Do you know where your Pine Nuts came from? You might want to check.

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I had two weeks of "metal mouth" from pine nuts that I bought at Trader Joes. . .it was miserable. Could not even swallow water without having the metal taste in my mouth.

I'm on day three of 'pine mouth'. I ate a few handful on Sunday night, from a bag we bought at Costco, Kirkland brand. This made it rather easy to trace since I hadn't eaten pinenuts in a long time and never from that bag. They didn't taste bad at all but a day later, while eating lunch I really noticed a strong bitter taste. It only started worrying me yesterday and after searching around came across this info. I checked the packaging and sure enough they are a product of China. I hope Costco pulls this product from their shelves.

We eat a lot of home-made pesto. Recently, I've had the bitter/metalic taste in my mouth for days on end. Had it not been for google, I would probably be in my doctor's office right now, spending scads of money and getting tons of tests. I am really angry that the FDA hasn't put out a notice just so people won't worry and waste money. I wrote to them to suggest that they do so. We keep ours in the freezer so unless they were rancid when we bought them, rancidity is not the issue. Now I have to find a retailer that doesn't buy pine nuts from China. The only upside here is that it is killing my appetite! Hmmm....a fortune to be made?

OMG everyone said I had a sinus problem or I was pregnant!!! Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I read this post! (and now I'm stoned on Sudafed which actually seemed to help!)

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