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Sunday, October 22, 2006 

It's the season...for making reason

to eat "cookie!"

Cookie Monster is cute. He has a reason to eat a cookie for every season. Hehehe.


Beker here. Your behavior did in my view merit your troll rating. Nonetheless, since it seemed to offend you so much I removed it. All you were doing was jumping on the coattails of another commenter's mean comments, filled with fuck this and fuck that and fuck you, except you did it mostly as a vehicle to trumpet your great work for the elections. Braggartry. You must be rather insecure, which was what made me feel sorry enough to remove the troll rating. Out of pity. The other guy made those comments only because, as he told me later, he did not want people to get any wrong impressions. He then reviewed my text and wrote back that I was right, that there was indeed nothing in there at all to suggest that any of the conspirtacy stuff that careless readers may have attributed to it was actually there. There are such things as subtlety and nuance, not present in those comments of yours at all, so I'm not sure if you know what those are. Maybe you don't have time to read too much, since you are single-handedly going to deliver the State of California opn the 7th. Yet at least the other principal, or one of them - no, two - apologised. One, in the thread. The other, in an act that is clearfly less than heroic, only in private, allowing his earlier, then recanted opinion to remain out there.

Maybe all I have to do is write down to the Kos readertship, because there seems to be a lot of concern about not what is written, but whether it will be misinterpreted by the readers. That is sad. As sad as the fact that there is no room for humor. You are representative of 99 percent of the readership. Everyone who posts snark gets piled on. It's unbelievable.

You reappeared over and over in the comments doing two things; repeating what you said more than once. And refusing to look back on any of your criticisms to see if there was any merit to the other side.

You chose to be stubborn, and I troll rated you once it was obvious that you are someone who determines a position and sticks to it no matter what, who has one thing and one thing only to say, mostly about your great work and what a great person you are. You're just like Bush in this regard. Unflexible and so sure of yourself, even though it's clear that you're intelligent, you're just as clearly not a genius, and your adherence to your position is just a form of intellectual weakness. I wrote nothing offensive about anyone in that diary, except myself (and big republicans). The County employees do not come off as anything other than professional and correctly disengaged. Then, when you wept indignantly about being troll rated, I removed it. I did this as an experiment, and I got the exact result I expected: silence. While you thank lavishly and post prolifically, once your complaint is addressed - silence. Another poster who up-rates you you gush over, yet not a word of the possibility that your mind is open to a discussion when I remove the rating. No dialogue possible with you. You are a wall, you only need a mirror to have a conversation that will work for you.

The picture I have of you is someone who needs to attack in a pack- sad on a fundamental level; a stubborn woman who can't stand the possibility that she might have to display some intellectual integrity, which means flexibility, from time to time - god knows you have not in this matter; and lastly as a huge holier-than-thou, promoting yourself as the great democrat struggling more than anyone to work the election. My poor efforts over the years were onfortunately rarely on the streets, so you are right. They were more confined to issues of lead and explosions and humid jungles. You're right, I didn't get many votes out there. But not everyone can be as magnificent as you.

Well, I have some news for you. Maybe, and here's another thing that may be difficult for you/, on your high horse, to grasp, other people do things and feel it might be more seemly to not go tooting their little horns about it. But just like one of the other extreme and mean posters, who finally said - in email, god forbid he would put it on the record - that I was right and was indeed being unfairly accused. He took back the general accusations; you made a big fuss, based on your lazy reading. If you had spent three minutes rereading the piece to see how your objections were ACTUALLY handled in the text, a lot of your repetitive comments would have seemed as vapid to you as they did to me, after several iterations.

Do me a little favor. I'm, bound to just offend you more when I post, so when you see my name, please skip it, please waste no time on it. You spent a lot of time on that silly piece, you were one of the ones who blew it out of all proportion, it was you and the other yellers and screamers who elevated it from the mere confection it was to something that it wasn't. I will write inflammatory stuff. When you see my name, do us both a favor, and move on.

Rest assured, I get it. I understand. You have etched on the walls of my mind that you are the great toiler for democracy. No one can live up to your standards. You have all the answers. Victory in California will be yours, probably rewarded by a dinner for two, you and Obama, flown out to DC on a Gulfstream. No one else gets anyone to the polls, just you.

People who make those self-important declarations and ask those moronic questions - I'm so great, I do this, what did YOU do - only state their ignorance, conceit and self-importance openly.

[I would have sent an email, but this was the only way, and there seems to be no email for you here either.]

Your pal,
B. Beker

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