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Sunday, November 16, 2008 

We often forget to be thankful for what we have

until we come close to losing it all.

My friend Victoria's house came through fine, although she and her family have to boil water if they want to drink. (I think they are taking The Red Cross up on their offer for bottled water) However, an aquaintence and his wife lost everything...everything except what they were wearing and their car.

The town still smells like a big barbeque pit and, to put a really positive spin to this disaster, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacularly colorful. And, quite frankly, it could have been much worse if the winds had kept up at hurricane force winds up here.

If you are looking for a charity to give to for an annual donation, please consider The Red Cross. They were amazing in their efforts for evacuees and the care packages they gave out to those forced to flee their homes were jam packed with really useful items. Watching Victoria and her family open them up was like an early Christmas, albeit a really bizarre, nightmarish sort of one.

Also consider any charity that your local firefighters support. And, next time you see a firefighter...say "thanks." I know I will.

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Some years back we had a lot of horrible fires in Florida. The Daytona beach area was hit especially hard. I live a three hour drive from Daytona and the smoke from those fires was so thick here that we couldn't see across the street. I'll never forget the smell and looks of it.

Thank goodness for the Red Cross, they seem to always be where they're needed.

My heart breaks for all the people who have lost their homes in California.

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