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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 

A Holiday Challenge

I challenge my fellow local bloggers to donate food, money or a turkey to our local foodbank.

The Santa Barbara Foodbank is running a turkey drive...they are looking for 5,000 turkeys to feed those less fortunate this holiday season. (Last year they distributed 6,000.) They are also doing a food drive...over 1,000 of pounds of food is needed this Holiday season.

And.....I challenge my fellow bloggers (food or otherwise) throughout the country to donate to their local foodbanks, too. You can find a Food Bank near you at America's Second Harvest.

Food donations from grocery stores and other "usual" donors are not in the amounts of past years. Foodbanks everywhere are dealing with smaller food donations and greater need for assistance.

It has been a tough year for organizations that feed the hungry.

First, there were the disasters. The January freeze and the recent Southern California fires drained local food banks. Then there's the economy -- and we're not just talking about foreclosures. Rising gas prices, the biofuel industry's need for wheat and corn, bad weather and a higher demand for meat products caused food prices to jump....

As a result, food banks and agencies serving free meals face two problems: Donations are down, and there are more mouths to feed. - Fresno Bee

What better way to be thankful for all our blessings than to share with others, especially food which is essential to life, learning and love of all sentient beings.


Now...let's get donating!

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Good idea, Cookie! I'll accept your challenge!

I will donate a turkey as well Cookie -- but won't put my name on it :)

Good cause -- thanks for the nudge.

I'm low on fundage this month, but not so low I can't toss a few bucks at people who have less than I.

Good idea Jill. We are after all a community, even if we can't see eye to eye within the political spectrum. It took a few clicks to find the address for drop-off, so I'm copying it here for our Santa Barbara based bloggers.

Santa Barbara Warehouse:
4554 Hollister Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
(805) 967 - 5741
Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

I'll avoid the "turkey with my name on it" comments but get one down to the Food Bank for sure.

Donating this time of year and every time of year is such a great idea.

What an awesome cause. Good for you for taking the initiative here! :-)

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