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Saturday, May 05, 2007 

The Lambada of Liquors is baaaaack!

From the NYDaily News, we find the drink with the "sin" in it is coming back to the U.S. The first time since 1910.

Coming soon to NYC: The liquor that could inspire you to paint a field of sunflowers.

Absinthe, the green-tinted liquid that inspired legions of artists, writers and bohemians, from Van Gogh to Oscar Wilde, in Belle Epoque France, is coming here later this month for the first time in nearly a century.

Called Lucid and imported from France by New York-based Viridian Spirits, it will be the first genuine absinthe to be available in the U.S. since its ban in the 1910s.

Viridian is trying to correct the misperceptions that have given absinthe a bad rap. A liquor distilled from herbs, including wormwood, anise and fennel, which give it its distinct color and licorice taste, absinthe was first introduced in late 18th century France as an herbal remedy. It later caught on with artists and the Cafe Society, who nicknamed it "The Green Fairy" for its supposed clarifying effects on the mind. That absinthe was cheap and there was a wine shortage didn't hurt. At its height, the French consumed 36 million liters a year.

Salud! Absent Absinthe makes the desire go stronger. Here's to "lucidity!"

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