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Friday, February 23, 2007 

Happy Chef Blogging Friday

Curtis Stone....yes...again.

6'3" kitchen hottie aussie host of TLC's "Take Home Chef" (I've noticed they have changed the graphics to the show....not sure I like them as much.)

"Take one harried grocery store shopper, add one hunky chef -- and simmer. Take Home Chef begins with Curtis ambushing unsuspecting shoppers with an offer they simply can't refuse. As he races through a grocery store, searching for the perfect culinary partner, Curtis turns on the charm and offers to go home with the shopper to help cook a feast for an also unsuspecting spouse/significant other/family member,etc. after deciding on a meal to prepare, selecting ingredients and wine and even paying for the groceries."

You can see some of his "surprise" encounters here. But, should you be surprised by Curtis at your local market, beware of his preparing you some of these recipes! (You'll never even GET to the kitchen) And I noticed that he went out of the Los Angeles area to tape...he hit the fabulous hills of San Francisco....so if any producers of the show reading....COME TO SANTA BARBARA! We got food, wine AND surf!

Curtis hails from Melbourne, Australia...or as the city's marketing says, That's Me!bourne. A foodie town, it looks like!
Want a taste of Melbourne?
How long have you got?!

This is a city where there are as many styles as there are chefs, with a culinary diversity as rich as anywhere around the globe.

Many of Melbourne’s precincts have a culinary character all of their own, from the Greek atmosphere of Lonsdale Street or Carlton’s ‘Little Italy’, to the wide choice of Chinatown around Little Bourke Street. - That's Me!bourne
Wonder if Curtis will be attending Melbourne's Food and Wine Festival coming up in March. I'm tempted to hop on Quantas and fly out. Well...since I don't have the moolah, I'll just stay home in front of the "telly" on Friday evenings....enjoying some Aussie "Imports".

The Aussies' might have to rely upon a different sort of "import"....water.
Fill your glasses ... with the Yarra River. Melbourne could soon be drinking Yarra River water from the heart of the city as the State Government scrambles to boost the city's dwindling water supplies. Melbourne Age.

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ok, how about posting that pic of Rachael Ray in underwear again? I'm sure she's visiting that region soon.

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