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Saturday, February 17, 2007 

Fast Food With Integrity

BusinessWeek has an interview with Steve Ellis, the CEO.
Steve Ells, founder of the red-hot Mexican-food chain, on his aim to make the focused menu as all-natural as possible, and why it's worth the expense.

Steve Ells, founder and chief executive of Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), is not a man on a mission. He's actually on two of them: one, to run the hottest fast-food chain in the nation; two, to offer what he terms "food with integrity" to the mass market. - BusinessWeek
Now that it has spun off from tentacles of MickeyD's, I'll go back and give those big ol' tin foil burritto boulders a chomp again. Love the Mission Street style burritos. Love their interactive website. Love their bizarro sense of humour. (matches mine!)

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I could probably eat Chipotle every single day of the week. I love their stuff!

I have them use half the rice -- it's way too much rice for a burrito!

What world is Steve Ells living in....for years its been all across the media, nutritionists, consumer groups, gov't food pyramid & others recommend grains as the bases of a healthy diet "whole grains!, whole grains!, whole grains ! " white flour, white rice act much like white sugar in the body.
I contacted Chipolte 3,4 years ago requesting optional whole wheat tortillas & brown rice on the menu....the reply was - ' ...to bad, it ain't going to happen'...whole wheat tortillas besides healthier nutritionally are tastier once your taste buds become more refined.

At the Chipotle website listing the menu items nutritional values (ironically titled the " Chipotle- Nutrition Cheat Sheet" ) they falsely advertise the use of wholegrains in their products, no small deception.

- from the website: Chipotle - Nutrition Cheat Sheet
(http://www.chipotle.com/images/nutrition.pdf )

".... Because that’s all we serve. Real, high-quality food carefully prepared using time-honored cooking methods. We’ve chosen this route for one simple reason. Real food tastes good. But there’s more than that. The building blocks of a sensible, well-balanced diet are real, simple foods—rice and other whole grains,.... That’s what you’ll find
in our restaurants.

Chipotle, you want to respond…?

Wendys nutritional fact sheet lists the transfat values & an additional list lists the ingredients of all the menu items ( http://www.wendys.com/food/pdf/us/nutrition.pdf )

Chipotle, what's the transfat values, and ingredients and we’d like a sugar substitute drink like, a simple herbal drink.

For a better burrito shop checkout BOLOCO , a new competitor in town (or coming soon) , ...& yes they offer optional whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, organic tofu, many more condiment choices, smoothies, etc.
Boloco a national chain out of Boston. http://boloco.com/

No, I do not work for or benefit in anyway from endorsing Boloco other than turning folks onto a better product with greater integrity behind it.

Quoting Steve Ells - ....Not that I want everybody to eat at Chipotle every day, but great food is something that everybody should have access to. And people should demand this from every place they eat.
-...you can't even give me a wholegrain product ( which you falsely claim to)....how ever difficult, give it to me ....far from great, that’s so unenlightened & lame !

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