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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Who knew that Cookies could be so...well...

"dangerous!" and..wait...I thought that the "Bid Dog" wasn't supposed to be snacking on the luscious dy-no-mite tasting nuggets o'dough!

U.S. Postal workers in New Castle, N.Y., were relieved when a suspicious package for former U.S. President Bill Clinton turned out to be a box of cookies.

Alarmed because the DHL shipping label had the wrong address for the Clinton's house, the post office summoned Secret Service agents, police officers and the Westchester County, N.Y., bomb squad thursday, the White Plains (N.Y.) Journal-News reported saturday.

The post office was closed until a portable x-ray revealed no bomb inside the box, which turned out to be packed with cookies, authorities said.

The treats were turned over to the Secret Service.

It was not known whether the cookies ever made it to the Clintons' Chappaqua, N.Y., home. - upi
Guess my shipment better get the address correct.

Oh...too funny! I bet the secret service guys ate them to protect the former president from the calories. It would be their duty, you know?

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