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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

More Whine about Wine

When will the insane over the freaking board marketing stop? Make it stop!
The bar, called Tastes of the Valleys, a SIDEWAYS wine bar, is slated to open later this month in Santa Barbara County. In addition to wines featured in the movie, patrons can check out the map to see where the Sideways characters actually spent their time in town.
The group behind the Santa Barbara bar hopes that this location will be successful enough to lend itself to additional SIDEWAYS wine bars.
Tip o' the ol' corkscrew to VinoGal.

Instead of reaching for my beloved, now overhyped, Pinot Noir, I'm in need of some good tequila to wash the bad taste in my mouth over this news.

Hate to tell some folks....SIDEWAYS WAS ONLY A FREAKING MOVIE...NOT A LIFESTYLE CHOICE. Living a life or vacation through the glasses of a fictional movie is like drinking out of a spit bucket. Can you say "regurgitation?". There is such a thing as a "real life" out there...and real experiences of your own. Forget Miles'. Crush and spit out your own "grapes of wrath."

Now, I hope these "sheeple" will find a "new wine of the moment" so I can actually afford Pinot again.

Oh man! That is SO bad! I would want to barf over that also. One suggestion....instead of Pinot, have you ever tried Argentinian Malbec? Inexpensive and delicious red wine, most bottles can be under $10, many under $20 and a great drinking red.

BTW, I came across your blog from the Dine and Dish site. Good stuff you have here!

You totally crack me up! I love this post...

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