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Friday, April 22, 2005 

Happy Chef Blogging Friday!

Posted by Hello Love him or Hate Him - The Restaurant's ROCCO DISPIRITO!

Could he be back? He certainly has eaten humungous crow with his very public feud with Jeffrey Chodorow, all caught in the bright lights of reality tv. And, he did send Fortune Magazine a little mail...
Anyway, remember that TV show, "The Restaurant," on which Rocco DiSpirito got into a nasty, all-out fight with the restaurant's owner, Jeffrey Chodorow? And the restaurant in question, Rocco's, closed following horrific reviews? Well, today, in my mailbox, appeared DiSpirito's apology to Chodorow et al. He wrote, "In retrospect I regret some of my statements and actions, which may have exacerbated the dispute between us. The whole experience… was 'interesting' to say the least—one that both Jeffrey and I are glad to have behind us."

He's letting the secret recipe to Mama's meatballs out on his website. But, really, Mama herself is the secret ingredient.

I can't stand Rocco. He's not a Chef in my opinion. No self respecting Chef would let his kitchen staff go down in flames while he was out chasing tail in the dining room! If you don't have the respect of your kitchen staff, you're not a good Chef. Period. Not too mention the fact that he is a proven, bald-faced liar on national television.I just think the guy is a chump. The best Chefs I've worked with are no-nonsense guys, who aren't afraid to tell you how they feel, and their staff's, front of the house and back respected them, they may not have liked them, but they respected them.

Thanks for the link to the recipe for the meatballs and marinara sauce. Rocco and Mama are often on QVC selling these frozen and ready to heat up at home. God forbid I would never order this from QVC.

P.S. Even during the TV show Mama was the one who kept things partially together in the restaurant.

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