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Monday, March 01, 2010 

While the rest of the world is "downsizing"

Is Starbucks really thinking about "UpSizing?" It was first the "short", "tall" and "grande", then the "tall", "grande" and "venti"...now are they going to add the "Trenta?" Do we really need a "Big Gulp®" Frappaccino?

The new trenta cup at starbucks...yes it's bigger than a vent... on Twitpic
Web site callmethirsty.com has calculated that the impact of some drinks can exceed 700 calories. And Starbucks' own nutrition page allows you to minutely track the calories for each extra dollop of cream.

But now the math is about to get even more complicated, and the drinks that much more fattening, as Starbucks is test-marketing a gargantuan new serving size... - Seattle Weekly

The 32-ounce Trenta has gotten buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and a Starbucks Gossip reader says a friend just got back from Phoenix, where they were demoing a Trenta iced cup. What's the word on this? A national roll-out coming soon? - Starbucks Gossip

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Hey Jill, your Starbucks nutrition link is the same as the callmethirsty link. I looked it up though - didn't realize the lowfat latte still had so much fat in it!

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