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Monday, November 23, 2009 

Fresh or Frozen?

Seems that frozen salmon might be better for the planet.

Frozen salmon over fresh? Why, it's better for the planet. Frozen salmon is
better for the planet than fresh because it takes much less energy to make
it safely to your dinner plate, Portland-based Ecotrust concluded in a new

...The trio's findings may fly against a conventional assumption that fresh is always better, based on a culinary outcome. But for those wishing to understand the environmental impact of wild salmon harvest and farmed salmon, the research looks hard at food distribution and energy consumption.

For instance, salmon that are flash-frozen at sea can be transported by freighter or train, which uses significantly less fossil fuel than jets. Troll-caught fish burn diesel fuel as ships chase fish across the seas. An Alaska salmon caught by a purse seiner, however, has a low carbon impact, Scholz said. - Portland Oregonian

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