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Sunday, March 22, 2009 

Foodies are becoming the new

Mobile food trucks are tweeting their locations. Local chefs are posting photos and descriptions of new menu items. And it's even possible to find recipes (that would be "twecipes" in the ever-expanding Twitter vernacular).

For those more interested in what's being served at A16 tonight than they are the latest Paris Hilton gossip, Twitter's amorphous question of "What are you doing right now?" has essentially been recast as "What are you eating?" or "What are you cooking?"

...By following your favorite food "Twitterati" - as users like Stewart, Mark Bittman and Reichl have been dubbed - you can watch a conversation take place (the most socially acceptable form of voyeurism) or, better yet, join in. Simply begin a post with, say, @gachatz (the handle of Chicago's highly regarded Alinea restaurant chef Grant Achatz; the @ sign before the name is how users communicate on Twitter), and you can chime in
on his philosophical and often abstract questions that relate to his
experimental cooking: "Did the '80s crush the opportunity for smoked
strawberries?" -

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