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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 

Some terrifying thoughts

from commentors on EdHat a local news hub regarding yet another homeless persons death.

2009-08-18 01:05 AM
I ceratinly don't give a rats ass how many homeless people die in this city. If they ALL die, isn't that a GOOD thing???

2009-08-18 07:56 AM
...They live disgusting lives and are a burden to tax payers and businesses here in SB. I won't go so far to say they all deserve to die, but I wouldn't be sad if our homeless population in Santa Barbara decimated.

Apparently these folks have no clue about homelessness and the causes but their thoughts they so freely express show a hostility that is unnerving...and scary.

Mrs. Child, a Santa Barbara local hero, is turning in her grave.

Mrs. Child was a strong-willed New England woman. She had been a gracious hostess at the social galas for which Vegamar was famous, and she became an equally gracious hostess to a community of "knights on the road," homeless pensioners who lived in shacks on her property. Around 1935 a few men, victims of the Depression, stopped for awhile on Mrs. Child's property. To the chagrin of local authorities she didn't drive them off, but instead allowed them to settle there and eventually to build a permanent, self policed community. She insisted on order and neatness, occasionally visiting them to inspect the premises, hand out advice, and on holidays, half dollars. - The former Child's Estate...the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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