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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

Pinkberry is coming to Santa Barbara

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Or, as the Latte Times referred to them "the taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets" and "crackberry."

On Huntley Drive just south of Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, a small frozen-yogurt shop is nestled between NutriBliss, the natural Viagra store, and a private home. It's called, preposterously, Pinkberry, and it has become an obsession with weight-conscious Angelenos. The yogurt itself is tangy and stiff, without the overbearing sweetness that screams artificial flavoring. And because it is the owner's own recipe, it is impossible to find elsewhere.

It has been called "Crackberry" and "frozen heroin juice" by its fans and detractors because many of the college kids, television writers and well-to-do families who cheerfully queue up as many as four nights in a single week agree with food blogger Rosie O'Neill, who wrote recently: "I would get Pinkberry IV'ed into my veins if I could."... - Los Angeles Times

It will be occupying the space vacated by Jamba Juice right across from Starbucks on one side and the shopping mall for the masses, Paseo Nuevo, on the other. (Per the big ol' sign posted in the windows of said shop....)

Not all think it is "swirly goodness", however....EaterLA posts that Pinkberry is leaving a bad taste in some folks mouths....

Great. Just what Santa Barbara needs....more fad loving, sugar crazed LaLa-ites double parking their cars to feed their addiction.

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Hey Jill. Where did you hear that it was coming to SB?

Hasn't this fad come and gone a couple of times now? Seriously. Frozen yogurt ... again??


Awwwwwwwwwwweeeeee Yeah! It'll help the 70-hour weeks go by much smoother....

mmmm... I was so excited yesterday when I saw the signs for it at the old Jamba Juice location @ State & De La Guerra. I don't like frozen yogurt, because I don't care for yogurt. (The concept weirds me out; I think too much.) But Pinkberry found the off switch to that analytical part of my brain and is yum yum yum.

in regards to 'anonymous' [8:35 on july 23].........

you are absolutely correct that the frozen yogurt fad HAS come and gone but you obviously haven't had a pinkberry before. it's in a different category altogether, maybe even a different universe.

YAY for pinkberry in the 805!!!


HOORAY! We love Pinkberry! It's almost worth a drive down to LA (note we said almost!) Addictive? It sure is! We'll be the first in line!

When we drive south we will Google PinkBerry on our iPhone and guide the car to the nearest PB when the craving strikes. I DO NOT LIKE Frozen Yogurt - but now that I have developed a liking for PB, I love it.

Anyone know when the SB store is going to open?

I think it opens today!! :) So excited!

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