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Monday, May 19, 2008 


Beagle dawn
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an amazing adventurous seafaring expedition of awareness and teaching about the challenges and opportunities faced by inhabitants of this big blue marble.

The Voyage for Cleaner Energy is a worldwide lecture series and sailing expedition by Robert Swan and his team at 2041. The purpose of the voyage is to increase awareness about environmental issues related to climate change and inspire young people to lead the way in implementing practical, viable solutions.

The Voyage for Cleaner Energy will commence on April 8th, 2008 in San Francisco, California and will take Robert and his crew around the world to the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Over the next five years Robert will journey to the U.S., Russia, Europe, China, and India, talking with university students, corporate executives, and government officials about their roles as leaders in tackling climate change and accomplishing sustainability.

Along the way, our ‘2041’ yacht will sail along the coasts and across oceans- powered solely by renewable energy- as a moving symbol of our global mission. At each port of call our team will demonstrate the use of solar, wind, and bio-fuels as affordable alternatives to carbon-based fuels. The ‘2041’ will carry students, civic leaders, and business representatives on each leg of her journey, further opening the lines of communication between individuals, companies, and communities around the world. - 2041.

And, why yes, they do have a chef on board who is following their mission of sustainability!

Meet Hannah Huntley.....

Hannah graduated from Humboldt State University in the Redwood country of Northern California with a degree in Recreation Administration and a double minor in Business Administration and Peace and Conflict Resolution. She then lived in Malawi, Africa where she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for 2 years. In Malawi, Hannah helped facilitate nutrition clinics with local health workers for women and their mal-nourished children. She also taught sign language to the deaf children and their teachers from the surrounding villages. A nature lover, she was fortunate to live at the base of beautiful Mt. Mulanje which she traversed and summited multiple times while in Malawi. Her dream is to spend her time on the water and the mountains promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through Ecotourism.

Hannah is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies/Ecotourism in San Francisco, California, hopefully bringing her one step closer to accomplishing her dream. Being a crewmember on the Voyage for Cleaner Energy is an incredible opportunity for her. She gets to promote organic foods, farmers markets, bio-diesel, renewable energy and other sustainable methods of living all while sailing the seas! 2041 Voyage Team
Now...if you think you have challenges of finding organic, local foods nearby your house, think about the challenges that Hannah faces in various ports o'call around the world!

When I spoke with her yesterday on the boat, she said that she was looking forward to shopping at our local Farmer's Market on Tuesday. She says she does her homework and plans ahead to shop for provisions at each stop. She says that she tries to go all vegetarian, but there are some who get on board who need to have their meat on occassion and she tries to accomodate them.

Follow their adventure on their blog...here. They will soon be on their way down the coast to go through the Panama Canal, which apparently has a "traffic jam" of boats needing to pass through.

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