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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 

Something so terribly wrong...

When "marketing" and "branding" completely erase the "reality." When the label says "Taste of the Northwest", you expect something FROM the Northwest...NOT INDIA!
Northwest brands reject pickles from Northwest growers

On this rich rural land where tractors share the roads with cars, cucumber growers for decades have harvested their crops, which made their way onto pantry shelves in jars of Nalley, Farman's and Steinfeld's pickles that touted their Northwest roots.

That tradition is ending.

Starting this season, pickles in those jars will come from other parts of the country -- and even India.

...Nalley says its products have the "Down home taste of the Northwest since 1918," while Steinfeld's says its pickles are the "Quality brand of the Northwest since 1922," and Farman's says its products have the "Delicious taste of the Northwest since 1944." - Seattle PI

Well. I hope the local folks start buying up the cucumbers and creating their own LOCAL pickles. At what point do we as consumers start really fighting back against this corporatism run amok? When will our elected officials?

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I have become an inveterate label reader...all the details and it is just amazing how much of this is going on.
One trend that is very distressing is that you are seeing less and less of the 'Manufactured by' label and more and more of the 'Distributed by' one and therefore no idea of where the product actually came from.

Yep...whenever I read labels on mass produced items, inevitably something like this comes up. Sigh.

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