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Thursday, March 29, 2007 

Not Looking Good

California provides a good portion of food to the rest of the States, let alone the World. Growing that produce requires water. Water that might not be there.

The snow pack, an essential part of California's water supply, is far below normal, ranging from 55 percent of the average in the north to 40 percent in the south.

Authorities say there is enough water in California's reservoirs to assure normal deliveries to cities and farms this summer. But the scant expected runoff also means that reservoirs will be abnormally low in the fall, and another dry winter could spell dire water shortages throughout the state.

"If things are about the same next year, we could be looking at tight times," said Frank Gehrke, chief of the state Department of Water Resources' Snow Survey.

The lack of water could also mean an early start to fire season this year. - SFGate

We as a society MUST come to accept that just because there is a tap to turn, does not mean there is water available to come out of it. Just because you want a lawn in a desert area doesn't mean that you should be able to have one if it ultimately endangers the community or society as a whole.

Santa Barbara has experienced some serious drought years. I remember when there were pebbles coming out of the faucet along with the yellowish water. Folks were getting arrested for watering their lawns and stealing their neighbors water. Spray paint was used to "touch up the green" of the lawns.

We've also had our shares of fires that generally take out 200-400 houses in a single session.

This news does not bode well.

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Let me guess: neighborhood associations would not permit yards with sand, rocks, and yucca or cactus, would they?

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