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Sunday, September 03, 2006 

Site Hopping Sunday

Sites I have stumbled across that are pretty cool and informational.....

IndieCoffeeShops - Find one near you!

Google Food - A Flickr Food Blog of food served up hot and delicious at Google! (oh...by the way...any adventurous chefs out there looking for a sillycon job? Google's looking for a few good chefs.)

The Well Fed Network

Bron Marshall - (New Zealand) Who I had the lovely opportunity to have as "victim" of Blogging By Mail!

What's for Lunch Honey? - (Germany) Who has a marvelous blog and was the lovely hostess (with the mostess for the Blogging by Mail)

Vanilla Garlic (Davis, CA) - A Beautiful blog from the "truly shippy" area of Sacramento.

The Grub Report (San Francisco, CA) - Tasty menu entries from the Foodie City by the Bay.

The Traveler's Lunchbox (Edinburg, Scotland) - A sumptous journal blending food, travel and photography.

Edible Communities - Lovely looking magazines from around the country.

The Blog Herald - News of the comings and goings in Blogtopia! (y!sctp)

Fast Food News - Keeping up with the Mickey D's.

U.S. Food Policy - Thoughtful. Informative. A Must Read!

Topix.net - Great to find out what people are blogging about!

Thanks for the link, Cookie Jill! I love your site as well!


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