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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Educating Yourself About Food

Involves many ingredients. Some aren't the "cooking with" type...some of the most important educational ingredients involve imparted knowledge. I highly suggest reading/browsing/subscribing to Specialty Food Magazine.

One of the highlights is the column written by Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman's. A favorite recent article was Fifteen Characteristics of Effective Champions. This is knowledge to use, not only in the kitchen, but in life.
I first met Geri Larkin in the early ’80s, not long after we opened the Deli. She was a consultant with Deloite & Touche, and has since left the world of high-powered consulting to become a Buddhist monk. Fortunately, she contributed a number of exceptional books on business and, speaking personally, left me with a few little pearl-ettes of wisdom. One of the best: “If there isn’t a champion,” she wrote, “somebody who says, ‘this is my thing, this is what drives me,’ then nothing happens.”

Larkin’s line about champions has been on my mind because I’ve been privileged to watch some new and successful champions emerge in our organization. These champions are not at the top of the organizational chart but rather mid-level product specialists, new assistant managers and long-term hourly staff who often have little or no formal authority. Yet they are making a difference, not in “new” or particularly glamorous projects, but rather by taking over things that were just chugging along. With these new and effective champions, results have improved significantly.

Go read the entire article. It is "enlightening"

Great post! I'd never heard of Specialty Food magazine but will have to search for it now. I love Ari and his Zingerman's Food Guide is one of my favourite books/cookbooks!

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