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Saturday, March 31, 2012 

Stock up on maple syrup

because it might not be around much anymore. Thanks, Climate Change.
In order for their sap to run, maple trees need temperatures to fluctuate between warm days and freezing nights. This year, Minnesota barely saw any runs like that. And then, a couple weeks ago, buds appeared on the trees. 

"Once that starts happening, the sap production's over," Edelen explained. "It was a rough season. It just got so warm so fast, and stayed warm ,that you got what you could get." - MN Public Radio
February and March are typically peak months for tapping trees and collecting sap to be boiled down to make maple syrup. But the ideal season usually has cool days and nights below freezing — the kind of weather that’s been hard to come by lately. - Wicked Local
While we were all frolicking, naked, in our kiddie pools during last week's crazy heat wave, the nation's maple farmers were shedding tears of sweet sadness: This year's tropical temperatures are devastating maple production. For the love of all things breakfast: start stockpiling maple syrup. - Gawker

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