Sunday, January 30, 2011 

Pascale Beale-Groom

If you have not purchased any of her Montecito Kitchen cookbooks, you don't know what you are missing. The meringues and the little vanilla pots de creme that she provided for attendees of the Edible Institute this weekend were OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Merci! Merci! Merci!

(although, it is going to take WEEKS to work off all the calories I downed...)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011 

In Honor of the Opening Night of the Santa Barbara Film Festival

A little "movie magic" done by my all time favorite "movie star", Gene Kelly.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 

The Gaviota Coast is the "star" of "To Be Friends"

and it will be screen this Saturday, Jan 29, at the Lobero Theater at 10:00 p.m.
(Part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival)

Visit the film's website to view some of the amazing scenery that Gaviota is blessed with.

And...speaking for friends, are you a Friend of the Gaviota Coast?

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Monday, January 24, 2011 

Happy Birthday, Neil Diamond!

You sexy, sexy man, you!  Here's Neil on the BBC singing my theme song.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011 

National Pie Day is tomorrow

but our local preferred pie provider, Simply Pies is celebrating TODAY!

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Monday, January 17, 2011 

$10 for bread for Aussie flood victims?


...Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor says shoppers in Ipswich and Rockhampton, in central Queensland, have reported that some traders are charging $10 for bread or milk.

"The department discusses the issues with them, and if they want to lodge an official complaint - which six people have done - then they're fully investigated," he said.

"But I think traders who attempt to profit from the misery of others during the floods should keep in mind that people have long memories. - ABC News

(Tip of the spatula to Why Now?)

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Friday, January 14, 2011 

Hunko'rama Chef Curtis to head up Top Chef Masters

Chef Curtis
Originally uploaded by santa barbarian.

Wonder if they'll have a couple episodes where the Master Chefs pick up unsuspecting grocery shoppers and go back to their homes to cook up their competitive offerings.

Bravo put out a press release announcing many things today. First up, Top Chef Masters will return for a third season later this year with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone as host. Whither host of season one and two Kelly Choi? Does that mean she is out? Apparently so, Choi tweeted, "Congrats to my awesome friend @curtis_stone for taking helm of Top Chef Masters, you're gonna have a blast!" - Eater

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Thursday, January 13, 2011 

Downey's is now on Open Table

Make reservations at this amazing local restaurant via It's easy! 
Fresh produce from the Santa Barbara Farmers' Market is skillfully prepared with sustainable seafood and naturally-raised meats by acclaimed Chef John Downey. We invite you to join us for dinner and taste why Downey's has been Zagat Survey's top-rated Santa Barbara restaurant for 26 consecutive years. The Downey family take great pride in their small, intimate restaurant. John heads the experienced kitchen staff aided by Liz who also handles the wine list and manages the dining room. You will be served by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who know when to be present and when to leave you to enjoy your dinner.

Better book now for that special someone on Valentine's Day.

Oh, and to make that quick online reservation via Open Table...there's an app for that.

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Santa Barbara Greasy Spoon for Sale

Which one could it be?
This is the quintessential late-night eatery, with a unique culinary spin on the traditional burger and fries. A private Montecito chef designed the menu, offering reasonable price points for the evening bar crowds, or for smarter customers simply minding their wallets. The seller has another local business that has been taking much of his time, and is open to all reasonable offers.- BizBen

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How do zebras "threaten" or "endanger" horses?

Black and white in black and white
Originally uploaded by Elizabeth Haslam.

What a senseless slaughter of three zebras that escaped from Hearst Ranch. The ranchers KNEW who owned these zebras, and yet they shot them. Dead. And one wants the skin as a rug. Heartless.
Along with hairpin curves and heart-stopping views of the Pacific, motorists on Highway 1 near San Simeon may glimpse a most exotic sight: a herd of zebras grazing in pastures along the road.

They are what is left of what was once the world's largest private zoo — a menagerie of camels, kangaroos, emus and giraffes that roamed the estate of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.

Last week three zebras — a buck, a mare and a yearling — escaped from Hearst Ranch and wandered over to nearby Cambria.

On Jan. 5, when two of the three turned up on David Fiscalini's cattle ranch, he raised his shotgun and killed them. A neighboring rancher shot the third zebra.

Fiscalini told the San Luis Obispo Tribune that the two zebras that got onto his property had spooked his horses. - LA Times

....William Randolph Hearst’s great-grandson, Steve Hearst, said he was “a little shocked and disappointed that our neighbors wouldn’t have just called to say, ‘We have three of your zebras down here, and how do you want to get them back?’ Neighbors are usually there to help their neighbors, not shoot their zebras. … It’s a shame they took that action.” - SLO Tribune

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 

This is NOT Hank Paulson

it's Michael Pollan. Not only does he grace the cover of the latest edition of Edible Santa Barbara, but there is a terrific interview with him in the issue, too. He's also coming to talk to Santa Barbara at the Granada Theatre. Got your tickets? They are going fast.

(If you can't make it to this event, you might get a kick listening to him play "Not My Job" on time on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".)

And, talk about fast going tickets...The Edible Institute being held here in Santa Barbara, January 29-30 is close to being, if not already, sold out. This is an event YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Two days of food talk with food people knoshing on good food. Take a peek at just a few of the exceptional people on some of the amazing panels...

Journalists Talk Strategies for Writing About Industrial Agriculture. - Jane Black moderator.

Jane Black is a food writer who covers food politics, trends and sustainability issues. Her  reporting examines how politics, culture and business affect what ends up on our plates – and how that is dramatically changing. Jane was, until recently, a staff writer at the Washington Post. She now writes for the Post, as well as the New York Times, Food & Wine magazine and others. She also has a regular podcast on Edible Radio, Smart Food.

Barry Estabrook: Former contributing editor at Gourmet magazine. He now serves on the advisory board of Gastronomica, The Journal of Food and Culture, and writes for the the New York Times, the Washington Post, The, and Saveur.

Activists and Advocacy: SOLE Food's Message for Change. - Tom Philpott moderator.

Grist food editor Tom Philpott farms and cooks at Maverick Farms, a sustainable-agriculture nonprofit and small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Will Urban Ag Change the Way We Eat? - Kerry Trueman moderator.

Kerry Trueman is the co-founder of, a netroots website & organization that advocates sustainable agriculture, progressive politics and a less-consumption driven way of life. She blogs regularly at Eating Liberally, Huffington Post, and Civil Eats.

The Future of Food Writing, Recipes and Cookbooks. - Molly Watson moderator.

Molly Watson is a writer and recipe developer, teacher and speaker. She is the guide to Local Foods for Her work has appeared in numerous other places, including Sunset magazine (where she was the staff food writer from 2005 to 2008), the New York Times, Edible San Francisco, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Russ Parsons: Food editor and columnist Los Angeles Times, author of How to Read a French Fry: And Other Stories of Intriguing Kitchen Science, and How to Pick a Peach: The Search for Flavor from Farm to Table.

Terry Walters: Terry Walters first book, CLEAN FOOD, caused a sensation and fueled a nationwide movement about nourishment and clean food that been embraced all the way to the White House. CLEAN FOOD taught us the benefits of eating locally grown, seasonal, and fresh.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011 

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Where ever you are finding trouble!

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011 

Starbucks and "The Siren" Turn 40...

and the freespirited Mermaid gets a "make over."

This new evolution of the logo does two things that are very important: It embraces and respects our heritage, and at the same time evolves us to a point where we feel it's more suitable for the future... The new interpretation of the logo, at its core, is the exact same essence of the Starbucks experience. And that is the love we have for our coffee, the relationship we have with our partners, and the connection we build with our customers. What I think we've done is we've allowed her to come out of the circle in a way that I think gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee. - via Eater and 
Starbucks is also celebrating with an artisan breakfast sandwich for $2.00 from January 4-10. Have you tried it yet? Starbucks Gossip wants to know.

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Another historic Santa Barbara restaurant

on the market?

Sayonara, Sangria!
Established restaurant in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara - $300,000

The El Paseo Restaurant is one of Santa Barbara's oldest and most beloved restaurants, dating back to 1922. With its Mexican theme and central location in the historic El Paseo district of downtown Santa Barbara, it has been a hot spot for decades. Young and old enjoy the dramatic indoor/outdoor setting in one of Santa Barbara's oldest buildings. Not just for restaurant use, it is also an ideal venue for special events with a dance permit and convenient parking nearby. Also, the large and very efficient kitchen is well-suited for catering. - BizBuySell

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Monday, January 03, 2011 

Tepeyac Taquitos is coming - January 15th! *UPDATE*

201 West Carrillo Street (next to Mel's Lounge)
(805) 765-1113 

Homemade's how they roll! (as their homepage says.)

Opening date is Saturday, Jan  15th.  There will be live music by the fireplace, and half price all day.

And this is a true local restaurant to support, as the owners, Ernie and Laura have longstanding roots in the community. Laura, is an educator with the Santa Barbara School Districts and Ernie a case worker at Casa Esperanza and board member of Youth and Family Services. But, the family has a restaurant history in Mexico and they are planning to continue with the delicious tradition.

View Larger Map

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Saturday, January 01, 2011 

Here's a tweet I can get behind!

If you're not feeling 100%, you're not alone. Ty Lounge has what you need today with special "Hair of the Dog" comfort foods and cocktails.

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