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Saturday, March 10, 2007 

Chocolat comes to Santa Barbara

Remember that cute little chocolate shop in the movie Chocolat? Well...seems it inspired a new shop here in Santa Barbara....Chocolate Maya...chocolate of the world.

But, unlike the shop in the movie, this one didn't have that warm, welcoming feeling. It lacked the magic of warmth amongst humans of all walks of life. Yeah, the interior colors were chocolatey enough...and there were chocolate this and thats...and the obligatory French posters on the wall...but I was not made to feel welcome by the woman behind the counter. I couldn't even ask the price of the interesting looking truffles behind the glass. When someone looks up and down at you like you were "scum" and ignores you, in such a small shop, you tend to want to take your business elsewhere.

A shame.

And no Johnny Depp sightings, to boot.


I will continue to by mine in 500 gram bars from Belgium at Trader Joes.

Also easy not to frequent that rude store considering no location given at the blog nor at their web site.

Give me a break people, Was the chocolate good! Its all about you isn't it! the chocolate is great, but too expensive. I will only go back on special occassions. If they offerred hot chocolate or coffee then it would even be better.

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