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Saturday, May 29, 2010 

Environmentalists support Das Williams...and so do I!

The California League of Conservation Voters supports Das Williams
“Das Williams has been a solid partner and champion for the environmental community in this state,” said David Allgood, Southern California Director of CLCV. “Our members were pleased to recognize Das’ record of working to protect the coastline and open space, restore vital wetlands, and promote local energy efficiency programs within Santa Barbara. We have no doubt that Das’ priorities, background and independent leadership will benefit this district and state should he be elected to the state assembly.” - Noozhawk
The Sierra Club supports Das Williams
"Das Williams is somebody with immense experience fighting for the best interest of Santa Barbara's and California's environment,” said Selma Rubin, member of the Los Padres chapter of the Sierra Club. “I can say with absolute certainty that his election to the California Assembly representing the 35th district will bring with it a new era of environmental stewardship.”

Rubin then added, “As we enter a new decade we must embrace change and policies that will solve our community's environmental challenges such as off-shore oil extraction, open space preservation and habitat restoration. Das Williams personifies our community's cherished traditions while also embracing new directions, out-of-the-box thinking, energy and enthusiasm to meet some of our toughest challenges.” - California Chronicle
And so do I.
Harry Truman's oft quoted statement "If you can't convince them, confuse them," came to mind as I visited my mailbox and unfurled a political attack ad sent out by Susan Jordan. In this ad, I read nothing about Ms. Jordan's thoughts on Alternative Energy opportunities nor even the fact that she is married to the current Assembly member, Pedro Nava. All I saw was an attempt to use a disaster for personal political gain and to slime her opponent, Das Williams, with falsehoods. She has not been able to convince her fellow Democrats that she is better qualified to take over her husband's seat, so she has taken the low road to confuse them. The Get Oil Out and Environmental Defense Center's negotiations with PXP provided that no new oil platforms would be built and that oil production from existing platforms would be shut down permanently off the coast of Santa Barbara. Shut down.

Das Williams knows that being a leader, environmentally or otherwise, is about more than being a "one-trick" pony. He has grappled with balancing budgets, finding ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into City operations, encouraging public transportation and alternative energy creation. He has worked diligently on ways to wean us off the "gooey" stuff and move us forward to a more fruitful future. Judging from Ms. Jordan's campaigning, she prefers the same type of wrongheaded rhetoric that has created the morass of non-movement in Sacramento.

We need something better. We need Das Williams in the Assembly.

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